We recently took a one day trip to San Diego, and while my wife was attending a class, I did some sightseeing.

Mission San Diego, founded in 1769, was first of the California Missions founded by Father Junipero Serra, and in spite of the fact that they are currently politically incorrect, I enjoy visiting the California Missions, and do so whenever I can. Many of the Missions have dioramas of original living quarters, practical objects of everyday life-tools, utensils, weapons, etc..

Mission San Diego

Here are a few hunting weapons- this curved stick was used to hunt rabbits.



The power of faith is fascinating.

This is the entrance wall to the mission.

Mission San Diego

It is lined with small alcoves depicting many of the Missions, and at most of these mini locations, the devoted have reached through the bars to make offerings.

Mission San Diego

San Diego

Mission San Diego

I wonder the monks collect a portion of the money, but leave a few coins in each alcove in order to “prime the pump”- like the tip jar at Starbucks.

Recently, Pope Francis made Junipero Serra a Saint, and in response, his statue at the Carmel Mission was decapitated. It was said to be in protest of the church’s treatment of the Native Americans.

I guess this is the price of celebrity.

Later in the day, I went to Balboa Park. It was a beautiful Southern California day, and the park was comfortably full, but not overly crowded.

Balboa Park San Diego

Along with the Zoo, and other cultural attractions, is the Museum of Photographic Arts. Their current installed show was a bit too conceptual for me, but there was a side gallery that exhibited work by local school children. Each child in the show had a photo or two along with a personal statement. This is a great exercise- purposefully creating something, bringing it to a final stage, and having to publicly discuss it-significantly different than the constant phone snaps that currently populate the photographic airwaves.

MOPA Balboa Park San Diego

MOPA Balboa Park San Diego

Another gallery appeared to be a permanent exhibit on the history of photography. Aside from some interesting camera obscura, and other image projectors, this device used multiple lenses and a computer to make this fractured selfie.

MOPA Balboa Park San Diego


I had a little picnic lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying great Spanish style architecture, and watching the other turistas.



Balboa Park San Diego









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  1. jj

    Of course they leave a few coins to prime the tip hands just like the barista…Monks are said to be the one of the original coffee junkies…they used it heavily to stay awake during long prayer sessions. Goats are said to have discovered coffee, as they were grazing and came upon it…they ate beans and “pranced merrily with great energy”



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