I have been trying to make photographs for about 40 years, and learned the mechanics on a secondhand Kodak Retinette 35mm rangefinder that I bought in London or Paris. It had no light meter, so I learned to judge exposure from the pictograms on the inside of the film box.

I upgraded to a Nikkormat FTn with a 50mm lens that I used for the next 35 years. Nikkormat light meters were notoriously fidgety, so most of the time, I used it without a battery.

I am mostly self taught by voraciously reading, taking hundreds of photos, and looking at thousands more. Recently, I have been taking a few arty classes at Berkeley City College, and I find that the assignments instill discipline and also force me out of my comfort zone-always a good thing.

I am not a thoughtful shooter, but more of a grab shot guy.

In my day job, I am a real estate agent in Berkeley California, across the bay from San Francisco. I live in Richmond, and am the only male in a household of six-two Feline, one Canine, one Human, and one Teenager.


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