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We have a lot of wild Turkeys around here, and I don’t mean just because it is Berkeley.


Often, you can be driving down the road, and traffic will be stopped while a flock of Turkeys try to figure it out.

I was once showing my client Tom a condominium, and this large Tom was walking around the parking lot. Generally, these guys kind of scrawny are generally pretty unappetizing looking, but as I approached, he must have needed to let me know who was boss. He puffed up like you would blow air into a rubber glove, and started strutting his stuff.

Condo Tom

Copyright 2015  Jimmy Reina


Speaking of Turkeys, have you been to the United States Postal Service website lately?


I regularly use the mail to remind my Real Estate clients that I am still out there trying to make a living. Sometimes, a piece of mail comes back because of an incorrect Zip Code,

so I need to refer to the USPS website (https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookupAction!input.action) in order to correct my database.

As expected it asks you to type in the street address, City and State, and the last field is for the ZIP CODE!

Zip codes


Wait a minute. I thought I was using this reference because the Zip Code was the one piece of information I didn’t have.


It gets better.


I was recently selling some stuff on eBay, and had to calculate some shipping.

I tried to use Flat Rate packaging whenever possible, but sometimes a special box size has to be calculated, so you go to the calculator (http://postcalc.usps.com/default.aspx), and there is an image of packaging options-


Apparently, there is a packaging guideline for shipping tires.

Between my eBay stuff, and my end of year business mailings, I have probably stood in that line ten times in the last few months, but have yet to see someone holding a tire.

Did you move to Chicago, and your Dad sent you some snow tires because he wanted to help?

Is there a tire dealer that uses the Postal Service to send their product?

Think about the unfortunate mail carrier that has to make that delivery.

And what then?

Your tire has been delivered, and you are standing in your living room with it, what do you do now? Putting a tire on a rim requires some specialized equipment, so do you go to your local tire center or service station, and ask them to install a tire you just bought from somebody else?

How many Forever Stamps do you stick on a tire?


But wait, there’s more.

If you are not mailing tires, at item 4. they want to know what you are mailing.

The first question asks if you are mailing live animals, the second wants to know if it is live or day old poultry.

Live animals


Does this mean that if I could have captured that Tom Turkey on that parking lot, I could have mailed it to someone for their Thanksgiving dinner?

For this, I would need their Zip Code.