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I usually don’t discuss my private life here, but my daughter has just completed a training course as a makeup artist for cinema (scars, bullet wounds, monster stuff), and was offered an internship at a prominent studio.

She started work today.

It’s a temporary gig, but she is working in some pretty good  professionalcompany, is quite talented, and a hard worker-this would seem to set the stage for a good future.

So, I want to be a proud papa, and show her off a little.

None of these photos are mine, but at the least are property of the Cinema Makeup School, and may be the specific property of another photographer. Please don’t reproduce them.


A sampling of her work can be seen here-



These two are the same model


This assignment was to make the model up to resemble a celebrity


The real Angelina Jolie is on the bottom left.

She went to a Chameleon show and was inspired to make this mask.

She hand fashioned every scale on this critter

special-effects img_3860-s

Yesterday she made me a gift of the eyes.

Here is another assignment to imitate a China Doll

If you have an interest in this, you can follow her at


Thanks for indulging me, and reading this.