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We were on a hike at the Albany bulb when we saw this Great Blue Heron. Because I don’t care for the digital zooms that phones use, I was kicking myself for not having my camera, but the best camera is always the one you have with you. By the time my camera got done with this, it looked more like a watercolor than a photograph, but I kinda like it.

A week later, we took another hike, and it was still there, hanging out at the same watering hole-this time I had my camera.


Imitation? Flattery? Hubris? Copycat? Inspiration?

Nope, none of the above.

I never thought that I would have the nerve to discuss one of my photographs in the same sentence with one by Elliott Erwitt-someone who had more fun with a camera than anyone else I can imagine.
However, while I was road testing a new lens at the Albany Bulb, I saw this version of a scene that was imprinted on my brain



Although I took the photograph, I take no credit for the image, it all comes from Mr. Erwitt


The best thing about this happenstance is that it caused me to pull down this book in order to shoot the page.


And the best thing about having the book in my hands is being able to look through it again.

And then, if it all wasn’t fortuitous enough, this morning I was reading a Petapixel article that had an item about The International Photography Hall of Fame  in my home town of St. Louis Mo., something I was not aware of (the Hall of fame, that is. I was aware of St. Louis). Intrigued, I went to their site and learned they are showing a film about Elliott Erwitt, and today is the last day to screen it.

Like I said, “fortuitous”.

And this is how things happen to me, and why serendipity is my favorite word.