The 2016 Presidential Race

We just spent a second week listening to a bunch of talking heads and pundits regurgitate, dissect, and analyze an event that was disguised as a Presidential Debate, but sounded more like two children bickering on a playground-“did not”, “did too”, “did not”.


The issues are about so much more than emails or locker room talk, but that is what makes headlines. It is difficult to not get caught up in this chatter, which only seems to be getting worse in this age of the 24 hour news cycle, but 140 character attention spans.

All of this friction is just creating heat, but there is very light.

It seems that more voters than ever are not voting for what they believe in, but against the person they believe will ruin the country. However, a great deal of this belief comes from a general disgust with the way our political process has ground to a halt.

This seems apparent in the current presidential campaign, where Bernie and Donald were considered the “disrupters”. No wonder we are seeing this message on a bumper sticker-


This is a (already) a great country, and we deserve more than this.

Turn off your TV and go out and do something.


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