Dogs on Board


Dogs on Board.   Copyright  2014 Jimmy Reina

Dogs on Board. Copyright 2014 Jimmy Reina

I was driving down San Pablo Avenue, the major thoroughfare here in the East Bay, and this trailer was parked at the curb. I knew I had to have a shot of it, but didn’t have my camera with me, then I remembered my phone. I don’t want to hurt its feelings by calling it dumb, but it’s no smart phone, and I had never used it to shoot a photograph.

I was shooting blind.

Framing the shot required standing in the center of the fast lane, and in order to get the desired point of view, I had to hold the phone at arm’s length above my head. Also, because it was high noon, even if I could have seen the screen I wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing.

Since I was standing in the center of the fast lane, I had to keep my eye out for oncoming traffic, so I could only snap two or three shots before traffic started bearing down on me and I had to walk to the curb to let it pass, then I could go back out. I used this “shotgun” approach, going back out enough times to until I felt I had something of value (due to the bright sun, I couldn’t even review on the screen).

Do you know those crows that feed from the McDonald’s bag that is in the middle of the road, moving to the side in order to let you drive by, then going right back out, once the cars have passed?

Well, I was one of those crows.

Update: I later learned that these dogs are from the sign of a local burger joint, that they have been photographed a lot, and are all over Flickr and other social media sites.

This is just my version.



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